7. Cathode chit chat. NMC what?

My guest, Rajesh Mekkat discusses commercial cathodes for lithium ion batteries

Scanning electron micrograph of a NCM622 cathode cross section

Cathodes are positive electrodes in batteries and are responsible for the high voltage. In this podcast I discuss with Rajesh Mekkat the intricacies of commercial lithium ion cathodes preferred by electric automakers such as NCM, LMO and lithium rich cathodes. Rajesh has been a cathode research engineer for Renault-Nissan in various leadership positions for close to 10 years. Recently, he continues his cathode work in China, at the largest SUV OEM in the country: Great Wall Motor. You can view his LinkedIn profile here. Many safety and energy density features are governed by the cathode.

Today’s guest and cathode specialist: Rajesh Mekkat

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