22. Ni rich NCM (cathodes): how we got it, why we use it and how to keep it stable

Recent twist in the capacity fade mechanism of Ni rich NMC

NCM622 capacity fade paper from Brookhaven National Lab

Currently accepted cathode dogma preaches the root cause of capacity fade in Ni rich NMC is the irreversible phase change of the active material crystalline structure. However, recent findings challenge the status quo. Listen to my podcast to learn more.

7. Cathode chit chat. NMC what?

My guest, Rajesh Mekkat discusses commercial cathodes for lithium ion batteries

Scanning electron micrograph of a NCM622 cathode cross section

Cathodes are positive electrodes in batteries and are responsible for the high voltage. In this podcast I discuss with Rajesh Mekkat the intricacies of commercial lithium ion cathodes preferred by electric automakers such as NCM, LMO and lithium rich cathodes. Rajesh has been a cathode research engineer for Renault-Nissan in various leadership positions for close to 10 years. Recently, he continues his cathode work in China, at the largest SUV OEM in the country: Great Wall Motor. You can view his LinkedIn profile here. Many safety and energy density features are governed by the cathode.

Today’s guest and cathode specialist: Rajesh Mekkat