14. 1D Silicon anodes from Sila Nanotechnologies

Why is BMW investing in this company?

2017 Sila US9673448

Professor Gleb Yushin’s page

Sila Nanotechnology

Secondary particle of Sila’s silicon anode depicting the 1D carbon whiskers for electron conductivity and the silicon nanoparticles for lithium capacity

Anodes with silicon active materials may offer more than 2x the capacity of anodes with graphite active materials and improved rates of operation due to a low risk of lithium plating. A 1D architecture consists of ultrathin wires or whiskers as opposed to ultrathin sheets (2D). Emerging from the lab of professor Gleb Yushin, Sila Nanotechnologies focuses on such electron conductive wires (carbon based) decorated with silicon nanoparticles. This concept provides a highly porous secondary structure where the silicon particles have room to expand and contract without cracking the overall anode structure and is claimed to work well with liquid electrolyte systems. This podcast dissects a 2018 patent which claims Sila’s core silicon anode technology.

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