28. Economic and technical considerations of solid state batteries

In response to Eveline van der Maas

In this podcast i discuss the following points raised by Eveline from Delft University of Technology (original text):

In my group we do a lot of work with solid state inorganic electrolytes. I would be extremely interested in your view about the scale up and economics of such systems! For example, in your last Podcast you describe how the LPS/Polymer cells are made.

1. How could such processes be implement on a larger scale and for larger batteries?

2. And if two polymer interfaces are needed, what is the benefit compared to a composite polymer electrolyte with inorganic fillers?

3. And then, compared to standard lithium-ion, is it even possible that the technology could ever compete economically?

One thought on “28. Economic and technical considerations of solid state batteries

  1. Hi Claudiu, thank you for this informative episode!
    You debunked my assumption that solid-state-batteries have a higher energy density than batteries with liquid electrolytes. And emphasised that safety is the selling point.

    What about the longevity (also a commonly mentioned advantage of solid state batteries)?

    Kind regards,
    Teresa Rennhofer


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