4. Sion Power’s better Li-metal anodes by force!


Link to patent US20180269520

Link to Sion Power’s Li-metal anode commercial cell

Sion Power has been a leader in batteries with lithium metal for more than 20 years. Traditionally championing lithium-sulfur batteries, it has recently expanded into high energy density batteries with lithium metal and traditional high voltage cathodes such as NMC622/811, etc. It’s Licerion product offers a 20Ah pouch cell,  500 Wh/kg, 1000 Wh/l with an impressive EOL of 80% after 500 cycles at C/3. In this podcast i discuss its 2018 patent on the importance of (anisotropic) pressure applied to cells with lithium metal anodes. Enjoy!

3. 3D lithium metal anode from Prologium



Prologium website

A lithium metal electrode and its related lithium metal battery is disclosed in the present invention. The lithium metal electrode comprises a current collector, a lithium metal layer, an insulation frame, a porous electrical insulation layer and an ionic diffusion layer. The current collector has at least a well. The lithium metal layer is disposed on the bottom surface of the well. The insulation frame is disposed alone the opening of the well. The insulation frame extends radially outward the opening to cover a top surface of the current collector partially and extends vertically toward the inner sidewall of the well. The lithium dendrites will mostly plate in the well and will not plate upwards due to the inhibition layer. Hence, the lithium dendrites will not penetrate through the electrical insulator so that the safety of the lithium metal battery can be improved greatly.